Progressive Foods Inc. was founded by Paul Sr. & Jeanne Wentworth in 1973. They purchased 25% of their first restaurant in 1972 and today, 8 growing fast food restaurants endure.

Paul and Jeanne have had their 3 children (Kristina, Regina, Paul Jr.) work in the business while they as well were working with hopes of continuing the legacy. Regina and Paul Jr. remain in the company while Kristina pursued her own dream of owning and operating her own business. After many years of hard work, Paul & Jeanne will tell you “It was not easy starting out, owning and operating a well-known, growing, branded franchise. Our work included; baking, serving, finishing, scheduling, hiring, wholesaling, maintenance, finance, and dealing with all aspects of hard work, mental and physical, day and night as the operations are 24 hours a day 7 days a week, We can say we did it together and did it all while raising a family”.

In the year 2000, the decision to do some traveling and spend time together, enjoying the things they always wanted to do, brought them to the sunshine state, they spend time between Florida and N.H., enjoying their 4 dogs, many friends and quality time together.