A History of Progressive Foods Inc.


Let us look at beehive hair and epic mustaches and the 1970s, Paul & Jeanne started in the Dunkin’ business as many franchisees did, by learning from what was successful, managing and operating a Dunkin’ at 111 South Main St.in Rochester, NH. Working hard and serving their customers and baking donuts and managing delivery channels and people as if it was a small hometown bakery. They did all this as a young married couple that had a growing, young family adding Kristina, Regina & Paul Jr. all to the family and business. The experiences over the years in the business have not been easy and required long days, over nights and weekends. This did include sleeping on flour bags in the back room to meet the demand of heavy donut production. waiting on guests at the famous question mark counter. cigarette vending machines, glass fronted bakery cases, china mugs, munchkins, the big one, soups, thermoses, to go cups and refill mugs, canisters and the start of retail merchandise, maples squares, sandwiches, soups, Fred the baker. Wholesale to factories. Delivering each morning or donuts before the sun rises. They were early adopters of the Drive thru. Buying and building and developing and managing properties, those properties to house businesses. Also, Florida Dunkin’ Development in Sarasota, FL. Convenience stores, baking in house to central manufacturing to improve demand and volume for the growing Dunkin’ brand. Baskin’ Robbins Ice Cream and so on….and we keep running on Dunkin’


Paul Sr. always says, “Hard work never hurt anyone” Paul is working hard to this day keeping busy. Jeanne is right by his side. The family continues to “Run on Dunkin’” to this day.  Paul & Jeanne are retired. They spend their time between Florida’s Gulf coast, vacations, and the NH Seacoast.  The company is led by Regina serving as Vice President and Franchisee and Paul Jr. as IT Specialist and their amazing team many which includes their decades of service to our business and its guests.

We currently are top veteran owned business, Family-owned business and woman led business by NH Business Magazine.


In the fall of 2020 Dunkin’ was acquired by INSPIRE BRANDS which owns Buffalo Wild Wings, Sonic, Arby’s, Baskin Robbins, Jimmy Johns and Rusty Taco.


Progressive Foods Inc. is a New Hampshire Corporation in the Northern Seacoast of NH specializing in Dunkin’ locations. Founded by Paul & Jeanne Wentworth. It’s amazing how they saw that opportunity and now over 3200 franchisees exist with about 13,000 locations within Dunkin’ and their legacy continues.


We look forward to what will come next for Progressive Foods Inc.

For more information on Bill Rosenberg, Founder of Dunkin’ Donuts. You may be interested to know his family has donated his franchising archives they are at the UNH library located in Durham, NH.